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With many Homeowners finding themselves in financial hardship and owing more on their mortgages than the present value of their homes Short Sales are becoming the best available tool to allow a sale, get a satisfaction on your lien and stop loses for both, the homeowner and the bank.


What is a Short Sale?

A Short Sale is a process through which the bank allows you to sell your home for less than what it is owed to them

How do you set the price on a Short Sale?

Our Real Estate Listing Agents and our Broker work hard at determining the correct and fair market value of your property to satisfy the bank's requirements.  Many factors are taken into consideration and a Broker's Opinion of Price is then sent to the bank for their consideration.

Do I make any money from the Short Sale?

No you don't, but you may qualify for a $3,000.00 relocation expense allowed by your bank and walk away Debt Free.

How long does it take to complete a Short Sale?

It varies from bank to bank, but our negotiators get an approval in an average of two months after the sales contract has been executed.

How much does it cost to Short Sell my home?

Nothing, all costs, including Realtor's commission are paid by the bank.

How do I Short Sell my home?

You give us a call,  

 In Central and South Miami Dade County 305-799-4663

Broward and North Miami Dade County 305-819-4663

Our Sales Staff will work with you in pricing, advertising and selling your home while our Legal Support Staff prepares all the documents required by the bank and negotiates on your behalf.  You will be kept informed of every step from start to completion.